Our Green Initiative

With a growing number of customers striving to do everything they can to reduce their environmental footprint, we as an industry need to do all that we can to meet that need.

The Future

At Scentropy, we are sensitive to our customers’ values and that’s why our subscription model is one of the most environmentally friendly services around today. We are doing our bit to minimise environmental impact in two ways.

Carbon Neutral Boxes

Our carbon neutral subscription boxes are made from very high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes which can be used again and again. What’s more, these are shipped out in recyclable bags.

An Eco-Friendly Subscription

We offer a FREE glass bottle return service. Simply return 10 empty Scentropy sample bottles (any size) and we will send you a 2ml sample of your choice for free. Email info@scentropy.co.uk for the returns address and tell us your preferred choice of scent. We will look out for your returns and immediately send out your reward.