Gift Subscriptions from £20

What better way to show someone you love them then by gifting them a subscription? As with our standard subscription service, these are available monthly, 6-monthly or yearly.

Select Scent Type

Select Subscription Type

*When you sign up for 12 Months, you get a deluxe 5ml Atomiser and a sample of one of the high-end niche fragrances out that month.

How it Works
With Scentropy

We like to keep things simple, so here’s how it works:

  • Choose Your Plan

    Sign up and choose either women’s/unisex or men’s/unisex fragrance and the length of your plan. You can choose from monthly, 6-monthly or yearly. If you decide on a yearly service, you’ll receive a free 5ml deluxe atomiser and a sample of one of the high-end niche fragrances out this year.

  • Niche Fragrances

    On the first day of the month, you will receive two 3 ml bottles of carefully chosen niche fragrances delivered to your door with two collectable notecards detailing the origins and compositions of your fragrance and the Master Perfumers behind them. What’s more, because we’re very environmentally aware, your subscription will be sent to you in 100% recyclable packaging.

  • Discover and Enjoy

    If you are extremely impressed with one or more of our fragrances, we can offer you a 5ml sample which will fit nicely into one of our luxury atomisers and will be enough to see you through the current season and well into the next! If you find yourself utterly head-over-heels in love with a fragrance, full-size bottles will be available for you to purchase on our Shop page.