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Dominique Ropion

About Dominique Ropion

Born in Paris 1955, Dominique Ropion is considered among some of the best master perfumers of all time. Dominique started his trade at Roure Bertrand Dupont (now Givaudan perfumery school) in Grasse. After joining International Flowers and Fragrances Inc in 2000, Dominique Ropion has gone on to work for a number of prestigious brands including Chrisitan Dior, Lancome, Givenchy and Frédéric Malle. A recipient of the prestigious Cosmetic Valley’s International Fragrance Prize (formerly the Prix François Coty) in 2008, Ropion considers gardenia his favourite flower. Ropion's first major success was 1984's Ysatis for Givenchy, but his name quickly became known to the public upon his collaboration with Frederic Malle for no less than 9 creations in the Editions de Parfums line including the hugely popular Portrait of a Lady, Carnal Flower, Vetiver Extraordinaire and Thierry Mugler Alien to name a few.