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Roja Dove

About Roja Dove

“I have always said that I have lived the life I was born to lead. At some specific long lost moment a fragrant molecule entered my being and I was forever changed, my destiny was forged, it’s path galvanised. There was no other path to tread than that of perfumery, and along its colourful brick-road I have encountered the work of mighty geniuses who allow their creativity to become part of our core, our being, our ‘id’ - as it stops us dead in our tracks, brings tears to our eyes or smiles to our faces. How can anyone not love perfumery? ” Roja Dove's interest in fragrance was sparked at an early age when his mother kissed him goodnight; as she lowered her head to kiss him, he was aware that her fragrance lingered in his room long after she had gone, keeping the image of her cocktail dress and the kiss alive.This interest developed whilst Dove grew up, as a teenager he spent his money purchasing small bottles of scent and was impressed that the tiny containers could contain such an overwhelming effect. Following his school days, Dove went up to University of Cambridge to study medicine. Whilst studying there he celebrated his 21st birthday with a visit to the Guerlain Boutique on the Champs-Elysées.It was then that he started working at Joshua Taylor’s, a Cambridge department store. He worked in the male fashion boutique of Taylor’s known as the Peacock. Following this, Roja Dove dropped out of university to pursue a career in perfumery and with Guerlain. In 2004 the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie opened on the sixth floor of Harrods in conjunction with Urban Retreat. "Physically, it is going to be a sensual haven… Silks and satins, lots of glass, mirror and crystal, as well as the black lacquer, give the salon the air of an exotic boudoir".