I decided to share our Top 5 summer fresh scents with you. With our British summer well in full swing, and I look out of my rain stained living room window, I thought it would be rather useful to mention my top 5 must wear summer niche fragrances for those hot days and warm nights ahead. And I want to start this blog with a scent that is out in this months subscription list called Bleecker Street by Bond No 9.  Bleecker Street comes in at number 5 on my list and with good reason. This fragrance reminds me of sunny beach days. Which is surprising as there are no aquatic notes in here. It has violet leaf, Cassis, jasmine, Cinnamon, oakmoss, patchouli, vanilla and caramel. Its certainly the cassis and jasmine I can smell and it’s a very effervescent cassis note too. Overall this is one to wear for hot days where you want to feel cool and refreshed. 

Number 4 on my list has to be Chameleon by Zoologist. Chameleon is a fairly recent addition to the Zoologist line up which came out in 2019, and I find this a very tropical, light, aquatic type of scent. The top notes I get here are ylang-ylang and mango, followed by some salty coconut aquatic notes. This is rounded off nicely with a hint of vanilla and sandalwood at the base. To me, this is certainly a very unique light tropical fragrance which can be worn by both men and women and I go get a tropical suntan lotion vibe with this. Great for sunny beach weather.

If you like fresh tangy citrus scents like me for the summer months, you will love Orange Sanguine by Atalier Cologne. This takes my number 3 spot of my top 5 summer fresh scents. It is a mix of bitter orange, blood orange with a light sweet base of tonka bean and sandalwood. Orange is the main theme here and I have not smelt a more tangy, vibrant, natural orange scent. However the longevity is not there. Like most citrus fragrances, they tend to evaporate quite quickly and I find it last around 4 hours on me before fading into a soft sweet skin scent. Give it a try! 

It was always a tough choice here between my top 2 recommendations for the summer but I am going to give this to Citrus 08 by KayAli. Citrus08 bursts with Citruses as the name suggests including bergamot, lemon, rhubarb and black currant. On first spray I find myself engulfed in a mix of aromatic citrus which really feels cooling to the skin. This last for around an hour before the mix of Damask and Bulgarian rose starts to surround me. It’s a really lovely light refreshing scent and although its aimed toward women, I didn’t feel it leant either way. Certainly a great summer scent for social gatherings and you will have no trouble getting noticed despite the current 2m distance rule.

My number 1 Summer scent for 2020 has to be Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield and Banks. If you are looking for a unisex and incredibly unique scent this summer, then certainly take a look at Pacific Rock Moss. This is not a complex fragrance by any means as its three prominent notes are Italian lemon, sage and moss! Lots of it! It may not sound appealing, when I think of moss I think of damp woody forests, but this comes across as an aquatic citrus moss to me and I can certainly picture the beaches of New South Wales in Australia which is where the company is located. It’s such an incredible unique Fresh scent it is what summers to me are all about. 

  • David Scowen, CEO of Scentropy
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